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Pippo Delbono for #laculturanonsiferma

From April 16th, four performances by his Company on ERT website, Emiliaromagnacreativa, and Lepida Tv. English subtitled

Author, theatre and cinema director, actor, one of the most appreciated personalities also abroad in the contemporary theatre scene, Pippo Delbono takes part in #laculturanonsiferma, the online program presented by Emilia-Romagna Region Culture Dept in co-operation with Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione.

An artist at home in ERT Fondazione, Delbono donates four of the shows he has produced with his Company: Questo buio feroce (2006), Dopo la battaglia (2011), Orchidee (Orchids) (2013) e Vangelo (Gospel) (2016).

Over a timeframe of about ten years, these shows portray Pippo Delbono's theatre: a poetic blend of images, original writing, music and dance.

These works had long tours around the world filling the theatres and today it is exceptionally possible to see them in their full version from our homes.

From April 16th to 19th, they are broadcast in a 'special' dedicated to Pippo Delbono on Emiliaromagnacreativa, Lepida Tv (websiteLepidaTV OnAir YouTube channel, DT channel 118), Sky channel 5118.

Moreover, they will remain available on the ERT website for one month from the date of publication, on the page ERTonAIR. The videos are English subtitled

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