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Lenz for #laculturanonsiferma

From May 7th to 11th, four performances by Maria Federica Maestri e Francesco Pititto on EmiliaRomagnaCreativa and Lepida Tv

Lenz Foundation has developed a complex project of performative and visual contemporary creations, musical and theatrical co-productions, integrated workshops for people with mental, intellectual, or sensorial disabilities.

Moreover, since 1996, Maria Federica Maestri (artistic direction) and Francesco Pititto (president) have opened a dialogue with the international contemporary art scene through the international Festival Natura Dèi Teatri, focused on research and new artistic language.

Working with actors with a disability, Lenz has created a ‘social theatre’ able to express a poetic of impressive visual and auditory impact, recognized as one of the most innovative experiences at national and European level.

Four recent works by the Company are schedule in #laculturanonsiferma, the ‘virtual festival’ of Emilia-Romagna Region Culture Dept.

They are site-specific creations in museums and historical places of Parma, fascinating scenery where the acting wedges itself in visual dramaturgy and plastic creation of the space, which is intended to be an artistic installation of its own.

Broadcast on EmiliaRomagnaCreativa, Lepida TvLepidaTV OnAir YouTube channel, channel 118 of Emilia-Romagna DT, channel 5118 of Sky.


May, 7 h 21.15
Neoclassic Gallery and Farnese Theatre, Monumental Complex of the Pilotta, Parma

May, 9 h 21.15
Napoleonic Wing, former prison St. Francis, Parma

May, 10 h 21.20
Lenz Theatre, Parma

May, 11 h 21.15
North Wing, National Gallery, Monumental Complex of the Pilotta, Parma

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