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#laculturanonsiferma. “Words for us” by the classics

Great interpreters give voice to the classics. On the University of Bologna’s YouTube channel

The words by Homer, Virgil, Aeschylus, Plato, Sophocles, Aristotle, Seneca, Augustine, Lucretius, Marcus Aurelius: it is Parole per noi (Words for us), the online program by the institute of the University of Bologna “La permanenza del classico”, directed by Ivano Dionigi and Federico Condello.
Founded in 1999 by professor Dionigi, the institute aims at widening access to classical culture and besides the many activities of study and research, it promotes classical studies to the wider audience of schools and society through a series of lectures and public readings which have proved remarkably successful.

Philologist Federico Condello explains: «These texts do not comfort –  a role not much belonging to classics, but they accompany, and encourage to think, and sometimes they criticize, admonish, goad. They do not talk about the present, of course, but they always talk to the present, to us, and to anyone who wants to listen to».

Among the actors involved, ‘giants’ as Toni Servillo and Umberto Orsini, and many voices of awarded protagonists of Emilia-Romagna theatre scene: Ermanna Montanari, of Teatro delle Albe, Elena Bucci and Marco Sgrosso, of Le belle bandiere company, Elisabetta Pozzi, of Teatro Due resident company, Enzo Vetrano and Stefano Randisi, of Diablogues.

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