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#laculturanonsiferma. Virtual tour to the Museum for the Memory of Ustica

Enter into Boltanski's moving installation from a unique perspective

Christian Boltanski's permanent installation at the Museo per la Memoria di Ustica in Bologna surrounds the remains of the DC9 shot down on June 27, 1980 on its way to Palermo airport.

The wreckage of the plane is shown in the suggestive and evocative setting the French artist has generously and expressly created for the city. The 81 victims of the massacre are remembered through as many lights that from the ceiling of the Museum are turned on and off at the rhythm of a breath. Around the reconstructed aircraft, 81 black mirrors reflect the image of those walking along the gallery, while behind each of them 81 loudspeakers emit whispered phrases, common and universal thoughts, to underline the randomness and ineluctability of the tragedy.

Nine large black crates were arranged by the artist around the reassembled remains of the DC9: in each of them, dozens of personal objects belonging to the victims were collected. Shoes, flippers, snorkels, glasses and clothes that would document the disappearance of a body thus remain invisible to the visitors' eyes. Only their images have been neatly arranged by Boltanski in the "List of personal objects belonging to the passengers of flight IH 870", a publication that involves the viewer in the memory of the event and in the reconstruction of the truth.

Thanks to the virtual tour, you can now visit the Museum from a unique perspective.

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