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#laculturanonsiferma. POLIS Teatro Festival online

From May 14th to 24th, "Which theatre for tomorrow?" with ErosAntEros

POLIS Teatro Festival, the theatre festival dedicated to ‘theatre and participation’ under the artistic direction by Davide Sacco and Agata Tomsic / ErosAntEros, maintains the appointment from May 14th to 24th, but transforms itself into an international conference on the theatre for tomorrow with the contribution by the community of artists, professionals, scholars, and spectators the Company has created around itself during its first decade of activity.

The conference will take place on ErosAntEros’ web channels (Facebook, YouTube and POLIS Teatro Festival website) and on EmiliaRomagnaCreativa from May 14th to 24th.

On May 14th, Davide Sacco and Agata Tomsic, together with some institutional guests, launch the programme of the conference. The questions to answer are:

Which space for the theatre of tomorrow?
Which words for the theatre of tomorrow?
Which visions for the theatre of tomorrow?
Which languages for the theatre of tomorrow?
Which bodies for the theatre of tomorrow?

A call to the spectators of the ideal theatrical polis could not miss: until May 17th, anybody can send a video-contribution of 2 min. max to the mail address:, or a private message to ErosAntEros’ Facebook page telling his own relation with theatre, how he is living this moment of suspension and how he images the coming back into theatres tomorrow.

ErosAntEros shared two shows with #laculturanonsiferma – the ‘virtual festival' curated by Emilia-Romagna Region Culture Dept, now available on Lepida Tv:
Alarms!, on a text by Emanuele Aldrovandi that tells the story of a group of terrorists who want to overthrow the established power by violence, spreading their ideas and seeking recruits through the network, and physically preparing themselves to make the revolution;
1917, a performance dedicated to the words and music of the poets who lived the Russian Revolution, commissioned by the 2017 Ravenna Festival on the occasion of the centenary of the Revolution.

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