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#laculturanonsiferma. Jazz marathon with the Bologna Jazz Festival

From March 31, a daily concert in the sign of “support”

In the wake of the great acclaim got with the online initiative Jazz a Domicilio (jazz at home) -series of concerts every Friday and Sunday night, Bologna Jazz Festival and Camera Jazz & Music Club launch a new online proposal: “La Maratona del Jazz”, daily concerts in the sign of “support”.

Supporting people forced to stay in, supporting musicians -and in particular the local ones, supporting the health system encouraging donations: these are the three principles the Jazz Marathon started on March 31st is based on.

Live streaming daily concerts will be performed in variable hours in the afternoon or in the evening, mainly by solo musicians or by musicians living in the same house, so respecting the rules of the general lockdown.

La Maratona del Jazz project will go on until the end of the current restrictive rules, at least until the Bologna Jazz Festival is able to support this ‘non-repayable’ operation.
Dozens of musicians based in Bologna and province have been already involved, even thanks to a small economic contribution by the BJF.
The Festival is also working at involving musicians from other part of Italy, and more

La Maratona del Jazz is on Facebook of the BJF, su Facebook of the Camera Jazz & Music Club and shared with the schedule by the Emilia-Romagna Region Culture Dept  #laculturanonsiferma on EmiliaRomagnaCreativa and Lepida Tv.

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