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#laculturanonsiferma. "FMAV Coming Soon"

The Modena Visual Arts Foundation launches a live talk programme with artists and curators of the next exhibit season. From May 28 to July 23

Fondazione Modena Arti Visive launches a new initiative, FMAV Coming Soon, an online live talk calendar with the artists and curators protagonist of some of the Foundation's upcoming exhibitions.

The new project was born above all from the desire to connect and get the public interact with artists and curators through a special webinar format that allows the public to talk live with the guests of the single meetings, in dialogue with critics, professors, museum directors.

From May 28th to July 23rd, the appointments are with:

Pamela Breda, who talks about The Quintessence, the winning project of the Italian Council call for proposals financed by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities that will end in Modena with the final event of an articulated international itinerary.

Willie Doherty, protagonist of the solo exhibition Where / Dove, co-produced with the Ulster Museum in Belfast with the support by the British Council.

Sergio Brancato, who talks with Francesca Fontana and Enrico Valbonesi, curators of the exhibition Anime Manga. Storie di maghette, calciatori e robottoni (Manga Souls. Stories of little witches, football players and big robots), comprising materials from the Museo della Figurina (picture card) Collection of Modena.

Quayola, who talks about his solo exhibition gathering sculpture and two-dimension works, many of them unpublished, an exhibition born from the Fondazione Modena Arti Visive's adhesion to ArtVerona's Level 0 project.

Mario Cresci, protagonist of the solo exhibition La Luce, la traccia, la forma (Light, trace, shape), born in ideal continuity with the exhibition at the Gallerie Estensi dedicated to the father of photography W. H. Talbot, whose techniques and experiments are a source of inspiration for Cresci.

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