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#laculturanonsiferma – “Doc a casa”

Online documentary series by Emilia-Romagna authors curated by DER

D.E-R, the association of documentary filmmakers of Emilia-Romagna, does not abandon its commitment in spreading the documentary film culture and in keeping in touch with the network of operators in the sector.

So, it created Doc a casa (Doc at home), a documentary series accessible to everybody through an online platform, "a visible review at the time of an invisible enemy".

Eight documentaries are available for each week, and it is also possible to contact via e-mail the production and/or the authors of each documentary film scheduled for an online meeting - both individual and for interest groups, on the problems, the background, the implications, the reflections created by each film.

With the eight new films scheduled from May 29 to June 4, the number of works by authors from Emilia-Romagna presented by the festival - curated by Vincenzo Pergolizzi, coordinated by Enza Negroni, web master Bruno Migliaretti - rises to forty-five.
The films remain available on the platform.

Doc a casa wants to be a service and an open reference point for documentary lovers and filmmakers not only in Emilia-Romagna, and also a stimulus to meet, reflect together and foresee together new cultural lines and perspectives, new "signs of the times" to get out of the crisis.

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