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Japan - The MIC Faenza coordinates an anthologic exhibition on Nino Caruso

The exhibitions in Kyoto and Gifu propose a new interpretation of the artist's work in connection with the Japanese ceramic culture

The Japanese museums of Kyoto (MoMAK -The National Museum of Modern Art) and Gifu (Museum of Modern Ceramic Art) pay homage to Nino Caruso in a wide-ranging anthological exhibition coordinated by the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza.

From January 4 to April 12, 2020, about one hundred works are on display for the Japanese public, to document the intense activity of this protagonist of ceramics who died in 2017 and was more famous abroad than in Italy.

In particular, the Faenza Museum collaborated in the organization of the exhibition arranging the transport of the works and supporting the curator in the choice of the ceramics. In all probability, the MIC will host the same exhibition in its venue, in next year Spring. 

Caruso was an artist, ceramist, designer, and writer. He was responsible for the first popular writings on the art of making ceramics, translated all over the world. He gradually developed a vast knowledge of ceramic techniques, such as the ancient ones, which are still active in the Eastern civilizations, and made direct experiences of the most innovative experimentations, thanks to his long stays in Japan. His wide production shows a particular attention to the themes of the ancient techniques, applied to modernity.

The Japanese exhibitions, curated by Tomohiro Daicho of the Museum of Modern Art in Kyoto, propose a new interpretation of Caruso's work in connection with the Japanese ceramic culture.


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