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Germany - “Who’s afraid of Baroque?” by Soqquadro Italiano

An unusual and funny split into Seventeenth century Italian music and culture. In Stuttgart, on February 29th

With enchanting lightness and humor, Soqquadro Italiano, ensamble now well-known at international level, leads the audience in a journey through 17th century Italian Baroque music.

Pieces by rarely played composers as Alessandro Stradella, Luigi Rossi or Andrea Falconieri, but also by Antonio Vivaldi, meet with virtuous jazz improvisation and with the delicate humor of the Commedia dell’Arte, giving life to a high quality performance and musical experience.

The show on stage at the Wilhelma-Theater on February 29th is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Stuttgart and the Opernschule of the HMDK - Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart (State University of Music and Performing Arts).


Soqquadro Italiano

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