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Germany – La Baracca-Testoni Ragazzi on tour

From February 2nd to 12th, the show “On-Off” on stage in Herford, Gütersloh, Leverkusen, Velbert, Wuppertal, Münster

On-Off  is a tribute to the children’s amazement at the behaviour of light and to their interest towards controlling it and its intensity through the use of switches.

Developed from a research carried out in nursery schools, the performance received the ASSITEJ Serbia Award For The Best Artistic Achievement in 2013.

There is an actor on stage, but the real protagonist is the light. The darkness is broken by lighting points, lines, traces. The light can be everything: lamps, bulbs and cables may become a flower, a spoon, a dancer, a candle, a carrousel, even a mother, a father or a child. Music and movements follow the rhythms of the switches.
It is a game and also a way to help the little ones not be afraid of the dark.

From February 2nd to 12th, On-Off  is on tour in Germany within a programme supported by the Kultursekretariat NRW Gütersloh in Nordrhein-Westfalen and is on stage in Herford, Gütersloh, Leverkusen, Velbert, Münster.


La Baracca – Teatro Testoni Ragazzi

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