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Germany - The 'diabolic' show about the Money God by Teatro Due Mondi

On August 15, "The Nine Commandments" on stage at the THEATERSOMMER in Idar-Oberstein

The Nine Commandments is an open-air show that, as in the Teatro Due Mondi theatre company’s tradition, is part of an artistic research able to point out the problems of contemporary society.

The performance takes place on big scaffolding of tubes and platforms transformed into a sort of golden and silver altar: in fact, the theme is money, the only one deity nowadays imposing its perverse dynamics to society.

A Golden Calf accompanied by his devil-servants has come in town to announce the nine commandments of the Money God.
Scenes of ferocious comedy and grotesque irony follow one another, there are not recited words but only choreographic actions, images, signs with inscriptions, lights, music, showing a reality that is before our eyes but that we are no longer able to see – a slave society, bowed down in front of this unique god and its market laws.

With funny disenchantment, the performance reminds us that the worshipping of the Golden Calf has never stopped.

Die Neun Gebote is staged on August 15th, at 09:00 p.m., in Idar-Oberstein within the THEATERSOMMER, a multidisciplinary festival with international guests taking place in suggestive sites of the city, mostly open-air, from August 8 to September 11.


THEATERSOMMER Idar-Oberstein 2020

Teatro Due Mondi

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