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France – Teatro Gioco Vita at Momix Festival

The French version of the show “The Smartest One” on stage in Mulhouse from February 5th to 12th

The Momix festival, now at its 29th edition, proposes a multi-disciplinary programme of theatre, dance, music, puppets, circus, visual arts for all audiences, with the purpose to “unite parents and children around a moment of light entertainment designed to inspire debate and reflection”.

Teatro Gioco Vita company stages the French version of its last production The Smartest One (Le plus malin), based on the work by Mario Ramos, acclaimed author of illustrated books for children – a story full of lightness and irony, that makes young people and adults laugh and think.

It might sound like the well-known fairy-tale Little Red Ridding Hood, but the wolf of this story is clumsy and gauche, in spite of having presumptuously claimed “I am the strongest, the most handsome and the smartest one”, and its misadventures, in which we all can identify ourselves, make us laugh.


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Teatro Gioco Vita

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