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Croatia – “Felliniana - A Tribute to Fellini” by Artemis Danza

On August 7, Monica Casadei’s choreographies at the Splitsko Ljeto - Split Summer Festival

Monica Casadei and her dance company Artemis pay homage to Fellini on the centenary of his birth.

It is a tribute that is renewed, because the choreographer had already staged a creation inspired by Fellini’s work, and that will be renewed, because for several months she has been working at a new creation whose debut, scheduled in May, has been postponed until the autumn-winter due to the difficult conditions the COVID-19 emergency has forced.

Felliniana - A Tribute to Fellini, presented on August 7th at the Split Summer Festival, is a ‘preview’ which stages the first scenes of the new creation Felliniana and a part of the Company’s historic performance The Looneys.

«I tried to bring to life my way Fellini’s spirit on a stage taking inspiration by his films, like a watermark in which poetry gives a node to humor and dance finds its energy in Nino Rota’s music», says Monica Casadei. «The work by this great artist, the wonder of his colourful dream-world, his fantasy, poetry, intelligence, humor, and his true and authentic characters are always intact».

In Felliniana - A Tribute to Fellini, we find queer fellows, good and evil, usurpers and jesters who, in magical atmospheres and weird situations, shudder on stage like lightening bolts ready to blow up.
They are energies spreading and connecting, that show the human in its infinite facets, in a dance celebrating the wonder of life and encounters, always at the boundaries between reality and enchantment.

A 'Fellinian lesson’ of which Monica Casadei also cures direction and light design.

The performance is part of the official programme of the Italian National Committee for the Celebration of the Centenary of Fellini's birth - ‘Fellini 100’.
The participation at the 66th Splitsko Ljeto - Split Summer Festival is patronized by the Italian Cultural Institute in Zagreb and the Consulate General of Italy in Rijeka.

Fellini 100

Artemis Danza

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