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Austria - Soqquadro Italiano at the Innsbrucker Festwoken der Alten Music

On August 29, the ensamble based in Bologna performs "Who’s afraid of Baroque?"

Soqquadro Italiano, musical ensamble seizing all artistic languages, is regarded as one of the most original and innovative expressions of the European 'Classical Crossover' scene.

The constant research, between past and present, characterizes Claudio Borgianni and Vincenzo Capezzuto’s artistic projects, such as the show on stage at the 44th Innsbruck Festival of Early Music on August 29th, 07:00 p.m..

Who’s afraid of Baroque?  is not a concert nor a theatrical show, but an unusual insight into Italian music and culture of the Seventeenth century, a journey through Italian “high brow” and popular music made with lightness and humor.

Pieces by rarely played composers such as Alessandro Stradella, Luigi Rossi or Andrea Falconieri, but also by Antonio Vivaldi, meet with jazz improvisation and with the Commedia dell’Arte, giving life to a high-quality performance and musical experience, which leads the audience to the re-discovery of the extraordinary and simple modernity of a century so far and complex.

Innsbrucker Festwoken der Alten MusicInnsbrucker Festwoken der Alten Music

Soqquadro Italiano

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