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Alessia Raisi for #laculturanonsiferma

The singer shares the Chinese version of the renowned “Romagna Mia”

Alessia Raisi arrived in China for work in 2010, moving from Molinella, near Bologna, to Shanghai.
«I was working for a logistic company at that time, and accepted the challenge to work in China. But at the beginning it was hard, I couldn’t communicate with anybody, so I started studying the language».

Alessia learnt quickly, in spite of the difficulties and the many nuances of that language, and today not only she speaks and reads it, but also she sings in Chinese (and no longer works for the logistic company).
In practice, she is the only Italian professional singer singing in Chines, and has a great following in the biggest Asian Country.

«Chinese people love Italian singers, -she says- but they often don’t understand the meanings of the texts».
So, she translates them, and composes her own songs in Chinese language, and as 'Ambassador of the Italian music in China', she promotes the diffusion and comprehension of Italian song tradition.

In 2018 Alessia translated Romagna Mia, the celebrated song by Raul Casadei, the track she donated to #laculturanonsiferma, the ‘virtual festival’ curated by Emilia-Romagna Region broadcasted on EmiliaRomagnaCreativa and Lepida Tv.

Romagna mia Chinese version is scheduled on April 2 (together with Mirko Casadei's Italian version), but it will remain available on demand on Lepida Tv.

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