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VALUE project: promotion of archaeological heritage between Italy and Croatia

enVironmental And cuLtUral hEritage development

Emilia-Romagna Region participates as a partner in the European project VALUE (environmental and cultural heritage development), funded under the Interreg V A Italy-Croatia 2014-20 European Territorial Cooperation Programme.

VALUE intends to develop and start a new development model centered on the integration between the cultural, scientific and productive chain in the district form of cross-border areas. This will strengthen the international visibility of these areas, through actions enhancing the existing heritage, promoting innovative solutions and developing touristic products with a strong cultural characterization. All this, starting from the enhancement of cultural and archaeological sites.

The project started in January 2019 has a budget of more than two million euros and involves 5 Italian partners (the Municipality of Comacchio as the leader, the Veneto and the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Delta Park of the Veneto Region and the territorial development agency DELTA 2000) and 3 Croatian partners (the municipalities of Kastela, Korcula and Cres).

The promotion of archaeological and cultural heritage in an innovative way, diversifying the tourist offer outside the typical seasonal flows and the dissemination of traditionally sectoral knowledge to broader and more diverse categories than professionals and enthusiasts in the sector are among the main aims of VALUE.

There will also be several pilot projects to be completed by 2020 and aimed at improving the tourist enjoyment of some important archaeological sites that will also have the opportunity to be tested through the use of new technologies - such as dedicated APPETs - under development.

The pilot actions involve nine archaeological/cultural sites, four of which are part of UNESCO's Delta Delta MAB and are as follows:

  • Creation of "open air" archeology of Comacchio (Italy);
  • Reconstruction and digitization of part of the historical archive of Pomposa in Codigoro (Italy);
  • Experimental reconstruction of a settlement in Adria and archaeological excavations in the Roman and Paleo-Christian complex of the archaeological area of San Basil (Italy);
  • Creating a network of historical routes and paths in the archaeological area of Cherso (Croatia)
  • Enhancement of the archaeological site of Ostrog with Balvan Hill in Kastela (Croatia)
  • Reconstruction of a settlement complex in Korcula (Croatia).

Interreg Italy-Croatia VALUEthe project website

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