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United States – ‘The Land of Earthworms’ by Chiara Guidi

Residency at the University of New Mexico and staging of the performance within the Revolutions International Theatre Festival. In Albuquerque, until March 12th

Chiara Guidi is in New Mexico for an artistic residency at the University of New Mexico, hosted in partnership with Revolutions International Theatre Festival and Tricklock Company. The author takes to America her peculiar and long-standing research on original forms of theatre for and with children, a research she has cultivated with the Socìetas (Raffaello Sanzio) since the 1990s, and now culminated in the Errant Method.

The Errant Method brings into play both sides of representation, action and reception, including as part of the scene both the children’s gaze and their tendency to spontaneously take the initiative, and building a relation between actors, educators, and children, within the field of the performing arts.

Chiara Guidi will talk about it in the lecture The Errant Method as Children’s Art Theatre (on March 5th, at the UNM’s Experimental Theatre).

The performance The Land of Earthworms, A tragedy for children, inspired by Alcesti by Euripides is created through a laboratory with Chiara Guidi on the Errant Method.
The show — with participants from the workshop - is an open theatre form, and needs the children to take form and to be realized. Children, led by the figures of the narrative, enter the performance space and determine the progress of the story through their decisions and interventions.

The Land of Earthworms is staged at the Elizabeth Waters Center for Dance, on March 10th in two free invited performances for children and families of local communities, while on March 12th it is programmed within the 19th Annual Revolutions International Theatre Festival organized by the Tricklock Company.

This project is made possible with the support of New Mexico Arts and is presented in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles.


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