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United States - American premiere of “DÖKK” by fuse* art studio

The live-media performance presented at MUTEK international festival of digital creativity. In San Francisco, on May 3rd

Dökk is a live-media performance about a journey throughout a sequence of digital landscapes where the perception of space and time is altered.

Dökk is an Icelandic word, and it means ‘darkness’. As fuse* explains, in some cultures, the absence of light may be interpreted as a metaphor for life and of the perception of reality represented as a shadow cast by a light that cannot be seen yet the existence of which may only be sensed.
Starting out from this concept, the narrative was developed through the creation of ten rooms that make up a circular path in which the end coincides with a new beginning.

The project is the upshot of three years of work and the result is a work stimulating a sense of empathy, that transmits two key concepts: the synchronicity and the unforeseeableness of human existence.

In order to obtain this result, fuse* has developed a system capable of elaborating the result of close interaction between various data generated in real time on the stage: the analysis of sound, the movement of the performer, his/her heartbeat and the sentimental analysis of contents shared on social networks.
Thanks to the combination of these data, every performance takes on ever different and unique connotations as a result of the random, unforeseeable nature of the analized information.

For the first time, the performance -German Design Award 2019 Special Mention- is presented in the United States, in San Francisco (at Herbst Theater, 401 Van Ness Ave) within MUTEK.SF international festival of digital creativity.


MUTEK international festival of digital creativity


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