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Turkey – A “Fiesta” with Teatro Due Mondi

On May 25th, the show is staged in Eskisehir within the International Children and Youth Theatre’s Festival

Stilts, accordions, drums with plumes, bass-drums, bells, big masks, flugelhorns, angel wings, ...and much more.

It is Fiesta, an itinerary performance transforming streets into a festival, a parade people are invited to take part in or simply to stop for a while forming a circle to see the little burlesque stories actors are telling, stories freely inspired by one of Gabriel García Márquez’s tales.
Different Italian popular songs and songs of the Italian Anarchy movement are accompanied by an accordion, and comment on the action, while the city changes face transforming into its scenography.

On May 25th, Fiesta floods the streets of Eskisehir, staged within the International Eskisehir Children and Youth Theatre’s Festival.

Teatro Due Mondi’s tour in Turkey is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Istanbul and the Emilia-Romagna Region Culture Dept.


International Eskisehir Children and Youth Theatre’s Festival

Teatro Due Mondi

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