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Tunisia – Artemis Danza acts the part of Figaro

On December 12th, the special version of “The Barber of Seville” on stage within the ‘Theatrical Days of Carthage’

The international tour of the ‘action ballet’ The Barber of Seville by Monica Casadei’s dance company Artemis is going on.

The choreographer created a special version of Gioachino Rossini’s masterpiece, conducting a sort of psychoanalytic work on all The Barber's figures in order to seize the deep nature and to discover the person hidden behind every character, behind the mask of social life.

Figaro is represented as the prototype of nowadays successful man. Rigorously dressed as a manager, he symbolizes all those who -whit strength, liveliness and savoir faire - meet the expectations of a society imposing to achieve one’s aims every day, optimizing time and energy.

And the character of Figaro multiplies in the bodies and in the technical virtuosity of the entire company: the performers, without distinction of gender, act with the determination, energy and precision of a special team.

The outcome is an ‘action ballet’ characterized by an atmosphere suspended between a past similar to a shadow and a flashing present full of excitement.

On December 12th, the performance is on stage at the Opera Theatre of the City of Culture within the 21st edition of the Theatrical Days of Carthage.

The tour is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Tunis and the Emilia-Romagna Region Culture Dept.


Theatrical Days of Carthage

Artemis Danza

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