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Teatro Gioco Vita awarded in Zagreb

The show “A sky for the bears” received two awards at the 52nd PIF – Puppet Theatre Festival

One more international recognition for Teatro Gioco Vita’s shadow theatre. The show A sky for the bears, staged in Zagreb within the PIF - International Puppet Theatre Festival, besides audience and critical acclaim, received two awards given out by a professional jury:

  • “Tibor Sekelj” Award as «show with the most humane message»
  • Award to actors Deniz Azhar Azari and Andrea Coppone «for their excellent performance».

TGV, Il cielo deglio orsi, ph. Serena GroppelliA sky for the bears is a show for children aged 3-8 based on the stories by Dolf Verroen & Wolf Erlbruch, produced in 2014. It tackles delicate and profound themes lightly and tactfully in the simplest ways. Telling the stories through animals softens the emotional impact which, nonetheless, is strong because it simply reminds us most disarmingly of the difficulties we all face, children above all, when we try to find answers to the great unknowns of life.

A sky for the bears was on stage in Zagreb on last September 17th within the PIF, an important showcase Teatro Gioco Vita has attended many times. Since 1968, the Festival has been taking place every year in late August or early September and since then has hosted more than 450 professional theatre companies from around the world proposing shows both for children and adults.


PIF – International Puppet Theatre Festival

Teatro Gioco Vita

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