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Switzerland – “Democracy in America” by Romeo Castellucci

On the occasion of the show staged on February 23th and 24th, the LAC Lugano proposes also the documentary on the director by Giulio Boato

Romeo Castellucci is back in Lugano with his performance freely inspired by the book by Alexis De Tocqueville.

«This performance is not political. This performance is not so much a reflection on politics, as – if anything – on its end», Castellucci writes on the director’s note, and the LAC presents it this way:

"Romeo Castellucci penetrates with powerful intuition into the pages written by French young aristocratic Alexis de Tocqueville after a long journey in the United States of America.

Far from the chronicle of the current politics, Democracy in America is a work on the Old Testament, on the ambiguous relationship between the public interest and the ambitions of the individual, on language, but also on the loss of innocence, on the collapse of values considered indestructible, which let one see the shadowed face of American democracy, the portrait of a flower grown in endless meadows, a flower permeated by a heart of darkness."

The performance is staged on February 23rd and 24th. On the occasion, on February 23rd the LAC proposes the screening of the documentary film by Giulio Boato dedicated to Castellucci, at the presence of the director Boato and Castellucci himself.

«The Greek wording of the title -says Boato- testifies how I consider Castellucci’s work a total theatre, creations that strake more than a single show, objects to be opened rather than to be explained».

Theatron -which includes archive materials, interviews, rehearsals and European tours- draws an unprecedented path through Castellucci’s thought processes and work, bringing on to the screen a 25-year career. It is not only the biography of one of the most acclaimed Italian directors in the world, but also a reflection on the deep roots of theatre, intrinsically linked to human nature.


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