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Sweden – Instabili Vaganti in residence for the new project “The Global City”

In Ätran and Malmö until the 20th of July, then in Uruguay until the premiere

Megalopolis is a “performative experimentation” project Instabili Vaganti theatre company has carried out since 2012.

It is a reflection on the new concept of “Global City” and global society caused by globalization and the constant growth of urbanization. The research focuses on the relation and juxtaposition between tradition and contemporaneity, interculturalism and globalization, starting from the exploration of the memory of people and places belonging to the largest cities in the world.

Thanks to the numerous experiences in different Countries, Anna Dora Dorno and Nicola Pianzola had the opportunity to live and work in some real Megalopolis.

«Through our memories, - director Anna Dora Dorno explains – we have tried to feel the soul of each city we stayed in. Little by little, a fragmented map has been created in our minds, and it gave birth to our global city».

The Global City is a co-production by Teatro Nazionale of Genoa and Instituto Nacional Artes Escénicas of Montevideo/ FIDAE - Festival Internacional de Artes Escénicas and will debut in Uruguay within the big Festival organized by the Uruguayan Nation Dept. for Culture.

After a period in artistic residence at the Teater Albatross of the Tokalynga Teaterakademi of Ätran, the company moves to the IAC - Inter Arts Centre of Malmö, where the work for the new show will go on until the 20th of July.

Afterwards, the study for the new production project continues in Montevideo, at the Florencio Sanchez Theatre, where the performance will premiere on August 16th.


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