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Russia – Teatro Nucleo at Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum

Horacio Czertok speaker of the discussion on street theatre and on stage with “Contra Gigantes”

Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum, one of the biggest international events on arts and culture, takes place from November 14th to 16th.

Every year, the Forum’s section dedicated to “Circus and Street Theatre”, directed by Slava Polunin, addresses a variety of issues related to the development of circus, clowning and street theatre.
This time, the Forum is focused on education and on the future of the young generation taking their first steps in this work. Experts from around the world will discuss the work of contemporary schools of circus arts, clowning, and street theatre, the achievements of different countries in this field and how to make the education process modern, effective and creative.

Horacio Czertok, co-founder of Teatro Nucleo, has been invited to represents Italy to the Forum discussion “Education of Actors and Directors of Circus and Street Theatre”, in consideration of his outstanding results as educator with a wealth of experience in raising young artists.

Moreover, Horacio Czertok will present Contra Gigantes, extracted from the awarded show for open spaces QUIJOTE! that for thirty years, with more than 400 performances, had gone through theaters, international festivals, and above all villages and suburbs without theater in many Countries around the world.

The Argentine dramatist and actor has transformed the show in the monologue Contra Gigantes, pointing the lights on those giants - a metaphor for the forces that hinder the transformation of society - against whom the errant knight fights.

And Don Quixote is not the only protagonist of Contra Gigantes: Sancho Panza, Don Miguel de Cervantes and Czertok himself are together with him on stage, all in close relationship with each other and with the spectators, to compose a monodrama with multiple voices, which will give an immediate interpretation of  Teatro Nucleo's theater philosophy and dramaturgical and acting practice to the participants in the eighth Saint Petersburg International Cultural Forum.


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