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Luxembourg - "We want everything!" by ErosAntEros

The show is on stage at the Théâtre National du Luxembourg on April 27th and 29th

We want everything! is a production by Teatro Piemonte Europa in collaboration with ErosAntEros, realized in residency at Masque Teatro, Santarcangelo Festival and Ravenna Teatro.

The show reflects on 1968 by relating past and present to bring out unexpected similarities, in the hope that the desire for change that moved a generation 50 years ago can encourage to build a better world even today.

A single performer on stage -a young militant in contemporary clothes who wants to transmit the impulse and the collective dimension of those struggles- is counterpointed by a video montage in which the archive images are mixed with those of today.

The testimonies by the protagonists of ’68, the voices of the contemporary militants, the past and present fight songs, contribute to create a soundscape inspired by the compositions for voice and tape by Luigi Nono.


TNL - Théâtre National du Luxembourg


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