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Lebanon – “Is it about love?” by Elisabetta Lodoli

The Bolognese director's film on stories of violence against women by their own men is programmed within the ‘Cabriolet Film Festival’ and in the frame of Fare Cinema 2019. In Beirut, on June 7th

Domestic violence against women. The documentary Is it about love? by Elisabetta Lodoli tells about the lives of three men, who are now looking for a way to change.

Paolo, Luca and Giorgio (aliases) are 'normal' men, like all of us. Their stories are of everyday life, yet deeply unsettling. These three men are different in age, origins and personality, but their lives are tied by one common problem: they were violent with their wife or partner.

Frightened by this violence and recognizing their own faults, they went searching for help in the LDV center (Liberiamoci dalla Violenza - Let's free ourselves from violence) in Modena, where their lives -and stories- crossed paths, looking for a way to change.

The journey of the protagonists, their effort to change is narrated through the interviews gathered for two years by director Elisabetta Lodoli, screenwriter Federica Iacobelli and executive producer Roberta Barboni.

The film is a reflection on conflict in relationships, on the stereotypes and the sentimental education that often affects us all, men and women alike.

On June 7th, the documentary is programmed within the 11th edition of 'Cabriolet Film Festival', this year focusing on the theme of “the untold”.

Elisabetta Lodoli will meet students and spectators for a talk about direction and the making of a film.
The screening and the encounter are part of the events organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in Beirut on the occasion of Fare Cinema 2019.

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