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Instabili Vaganti at the Nepal International Theatre Festival

The performance "Desaparecidos#43" staged in Biratnagar on March 1st and in Kathmandu on March 4th

Nepal International Theatre Festival (NITF) 2019 is a celebration of art, culture, traditions in the form of theatre performances.

With the slogan 'Theatre for Social Transformation: An Artistic Voyage', around 30 productions from all over the world -which have been carefully selected- are showcased during the festival. These plays will be the reflection of the vibrant socio-political scenarios of local communities from different regions of the world.

Desaparecidos#43 is based on a real event: the dramatic disappearance of 43 Mexican students from Ayotzinapa Rural Teacher’s College on 26th September 2014.

The original dramaturgy, made of not only of words but also of physical actions, sounds, songs, and projected images takes the audiences back to that time and lets them experience the tragedy. It is an artistic example of the international influence of mass media and globalization and how they can sensitize the public opinion and help to ask for justice.

The performance has been strongly desired by the NITF because of the theme it deals with; in fact, Nepal is reflecting politically and culturally on its recent past. During the years of civil war following the bloody fall of the monarchy, there were numerous disappearances. The figures of the officially constituted commission of inquiry speak of 116 people taken away by the government security forces after August 2003, when the cease-fire was removed. According to Amnesty International, since 1998 there have been at least 622 missing persons among peasants, teachers, students, businessmen, journalists, political activists, humanitarian workers and members of minorities.

The Festival programme schedules Desaparecidos#43 in Biratnagar (March 1st, at Sushila Koirala Theatre, Haathkhola) and in Kathmandu (March 4th, at Mandala Theatre Nepal, Anamnagar).

 NITF - Nepal International Theatre Festival

NITF - Nepal International Theatre Festival

Instabili Vaganti


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