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Germany – “Wall Cracks” by Teatro Due Mondi

The theatre company’s new show staged in Bielefeld on August 31st

Wall Cracks is the new street performance by Teatro Due Mondi produced in the frame of the European project MAUERSPRINGER – Wall Jumpers, promoted by the company together with other five street theater companies from five European countries.

The project aims at developing a new active audience and forms of participatory street theater by mean of open workshops and performances set in unusual spaces, in the belief that street theatre may promote peaceful coexistence, openness and solidarity among the participants.

Teatro Due Mondi’s new show -just like the others realized by the partners- is about the theme of ‘walls’. It is conceived and structured for a square where a big rectangular space for the action will be outlined and the audience will be placed on all four sides.

It talks about walls and barriers made of stone and barbed wire that may be impassable, but also of how relationship problems between people or difficulties in relating to oneself could often build walls of fear and distrust or individual boundaries.
Ignorance creates walls, knowledge creates the breaches through which the walls can be broken down.

Wall Cracks made its debut in Bilbao on last July 7th at the Bilboko Kalealdia - Festival de Teatro y las Artes de Calle, on August 31st is staged in Bielefeld within the Kultursommer and will be among the performances presented at the European Festival of Street Theater Mauerspringer taking place in Faenza from the 3rd to the 13th of September.


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