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Germany – “The Nine Commandments” by Teatro Due Mondi

The ‘diabolic’ show on the Money God is staged within the 2019 Sommerblut Festival. In Cologne, on June 8th

A Golden Calf is arrived in the square of the city, accompanied by his devil-servants, to announce the Money God’s Nine Commandments. From above a big golden and silver colored altar, he shows how the perverse dynamics of our contemporary society follow his lesson, as people are governed by the only one deity: money and its market laws.

The devils, dressed as businessmen and rich merchants, present scenes of daily life that illustrate in a funny and cruel, satiric and grotesque way how devils and humans are still worshipping the Golden Calf.

The Nine Commandments is a show conceived for a numerous and international audience. The eight actors move on a scaffold built of tubes and platforms so to be seen by a large number of standing spectators. Words are banned, only actions, sounds and notices in different languages remain, together with a soundtrack made of famous pieces by the Beatles, Edith Piaf, Pink Floyd, Pharrell Williams and many others.

Thanks to the co-operation by the Italian Cultural Institute in Cologne, the show is staged at the 2019 Sommerblut Festival on June 8th.


Sommerblut FestivalSommerblut 2019 - Festival der Multipolarkultur

Teatro Due Mondi

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