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Germany - Special evening dedicated to Philippe Kratz, dancer and choreographer of Aterballetto

Three choreographies performed: "Phoenix" - "O" – "BLISS". In Leverkusen, on June 6th

On June 6th, Aterballetto performs at the Bayer Erholungshaus, one of the oldest theatres of Leverkusen, where Bayer Arts & Culture organizes shows and concerts.

Philippe Kratz, member of the stARTacademy program of Bayer Arts & Culture, presents to his home town Phoenix, created by Kratz for Aterballetto in 2017, a strong-willed piece for nine dancers that enhances his instinctive sensibility for the body.

To follow, “O”, a pas-de-deux with whom Kratz won the 32nd Hannover Choreographic Competition in 2018.

The evening closes with BLISS, by Johan Inger, a brilliant translation of the Köln Concert by Keith Jarrett into emotional and playful dance. BLISS, choreography winner of the 2016 Danza&Danza Award as Best Italian Production, sees Philippe Kratz interpreter together with all the dancers of the Company.

Philippe Kratz, born in 1985, joined the Fondazione Nazionale della Danza dance company in 2018, and he created his first choreographies just for Aterballetto. Today, he is recognized as one of the best new choreographers, whose work is characterized by originality, profundity, and versatility and is expressed in a very personal language of movement.



Bayer Arts & Culture - Erholungshaus

Fondazione Nazionale della Danza - Compagnia Aterballetto


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