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France – “With a Doll in Her Pocket” by Teatro delle Briciole

The French version of the show on stage in Besançon with thirteen performances from December 7th to 13th

The show, from the fairy tale Vasilisa the Beautiful by Afanasyev, wagers on making theatre together with the children-spectators.

There is an actress on stage, Baba-Jaga, together with a girl “captured” from the audience, who will take part on the story as Vasilisa. Therefore, the game between the two characters will be different each time. The other children take part in the story from very close, around the witch’s house marked by a red circle.

Vasilisa is a story about the passing down from mother to daughter, through the generations, of the feminine power of intuition, that is the ability of listening to and seeing "inside" things.

Since its debut in 1994, the show has had more than two thousand performances in Italy and abroad, every time re-creating its core with unforeseeable development.


Les 2 Scènes, Scène nationale de Besançon

Teatro delle Briciole

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