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France – Teatro Necessario and Fraternal Compagnia at Festival OFF d'Avignon

“Nuova Barberia Carloni” and “Captain Fracasse” staged throughout the month of July

The Festival OFF d'Avignon, started on in 1966 as “alternative” of the famous Festival, is now one of the largest festivals for independent companies in the world, thanks to the wealth and diversity of its cultural offering involving a large and multifaceted audience, passionately fond of all kinds of performing arts.

Two theatre companies from Emilia-Romagna attend the Festival this year, both of them for the first time.

From July 5th to 21st, Teatro Necessario is on stage with Nuova Barberia Carloni, a show full of music, acrobatics, juggling, clowneries, and overpowering gags.

Three aspiring barbers take up an old salon, determined to restore it to its former glory, when the barber’s was the nerve point of the village. They want to entertain their customers, and to cure any problem with their lotions. Both shamans and doctors, they proudly show off their talent, confident that the customer will leave clean and smooth, with his body regenerated and his spirit elevated.

From July 5th to 28th, Fraternal Compagnia is on stage -or better, in the street, with the parade Captain Fracasse Or The Amazing Adventures of Baron de Sigognac, a Commedia dell’Arte show based on the work by Théophile Gautier, a French-Italian coproduction realized during an artistic residency in Paris in partnership with the Accademie des Artes du Spectacle association.

The Captain’s vicissitudes plunge us into a world far from perfection, but full of humanity, in which misery and poverty, the discovery of the ‘stranger’, the arrogance and violence of power are the fears to fight against and also to laugh at.


Festival OFF d'AvignonFestival OFF d'Avignon

Teatro Necessario

Fraternal Compagnia

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