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France - Teatro Gioco Vita on tour

From November 6th to 14th, the show “Me and Nothing” is staged in Saint Genis Pouilly, La Tronche and at the Festi’mômes Festival in Bonneville

The French tour of the show Me and Nothing by Teatro Gioco Vita, started on in mid-October, is going on.

After the stages in Ris-Orangis, Orsay, and at the Festival des P’tits Malins in Évian-les-Bains, the theatre company will be in Saint Genis Pouilly (November 6th, at Théâtre du Bordeau), in La Tronche (November 8-9th, at La Faiencerie), and in Bonneville, where Me and Nothin is presented within the Festi’mômes Festival (from November 12th to 14th, at L'Agora).

Based on the book by Kitty Crowther, Me and Nothing is the story of a little girl who, after the loss of her mother, creates an imaginary friend.

It is a very deep and moving tale with an important message told through a wise and poetic language: weakness and fragility can be transformed into strength and something precious can come even from absence and longing.

«Kitty Crowther always addresses children with great delicacy, deep affection and true loyalty and honesty. This must be reflected by us and our production», say director Fabrizio Montecchi, convinced that «children’s theatre can and should be committed to telling those stories and speaking those words which lead a child to a better understanding of himself and others and release what would otherwise, during a very delicate growing up period, remain suffocated and unvoiced».

In mid-November onwards, another show by Teatro Gioco Vita is on tour in France: the awarded Moun will be in Aubagne, guest of the GRAINS DE SEL - Festival du livre et de la parole d'enfant (November 16th), then in a Saint-Rémy-de-Provence (November 17th).


Teatro Gioco Vita

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