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France - At the theatre among tables and cookers with the Ariette theatre company

The show “Natural Theatre?” on stage in Marolles-en-Hurepoix and in Morsang-sur-Orge on November 22nd and 23rd

NATURAL THEATRE? Me, the couscous and Albert Camus is a show where past and present are connected and confused in order “to talk about today”, as Stefano Pasquini declares in his direction notes.

And to do so, Pasquini tells an autobiographic story of his youth, full of journeys –from Bologna to Countries bordering the Mediterranean: France, Spain, Algeria-, discoveries and meetings, romantic as well.
And just the girl he falls in love with lets him taste couscous for the first time and gives him Albert Camus’ The Stranger, a book that will become a symbol for him.

As it is usual in the Ariette’s works, during the show food is prepared, but this time it is an “exotic” dish. While the couscous is cooking and the spectators are enjoying a glass of wine, the three protagonists –Stefano Pasquini, Paola Berselli and Maurizio Ferraresi– act between smells and memories, between reality and fiction, between literature and real life experiences.


Théâtre Brétigny - Scène Conventionée

Teatro delle Ariette

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