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Denmark – “La vita nuova” by Romeo Castellucci

The performance is guest of PASSAGE Festival - international street theater. In Helsingor, from July 31st to August 2nd

After the world premiere in Brussels last November, Castellucci’s last work has already been staged in some European festivals.

Now it is in a Helsingor, within the international festival PASSAGE, organized by Helsingør Teater (Denmark) and Dunkers Kulturhus (Sweden).

La vita nuova draws inspiration from Ernst Bloch’s The Spirit of Utopia. The action takes place in a large parking lot, where a handful of men has arranged a rendezvous. «They are brothers who intend to inaugurate a new and better way of living together». (…)

«This is where the new life of the earth-less must arise, the life of those who construct new domestic and aesthetic hearths». (…)

«Here, in this grey European, American, Chinese, Russian, Australian, Latin American parking lot, is where transmutations of objects and transvaluations of all values of art and humanity occur».

(from the director’s notes)


PASSAGE FestivalPASSAGE Festival - international street theater


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