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United States - ‘Everything in Existence’ by fuse*

First solo exhibition in North America of the art and design studio based in Modena. In Washington, DC, until March 10th

The exhibition Everything in Existence was opened on last January 17th at the ARTECHOUSE in Washington, DC. It is the first solo exhibition in North America of Italian art and design studio fuse*, based in Modena, and presents some of the most significant works in the studio’s production.

Over the past ten years, fuse* has worked to imagine new modes of expression at the confluence of art, science, and technological research, creating new languages to reveal our human nature and create unique experiences that give audiences a sense of common ground and participation.

Everything in Existence traces a line that highlights the evolution of the studio’s practice, presenting four multimedia installations that invite audiences to experience different perceptions of reality and new perspectives that are designed to remind us that we are all part of something bigger.

The works are generated by a software that processes data in real time, whether that data is derived from interaction with the viewer (Snowfall), from social networks (Amygdala), from sound (Clepsydra) or from the software itself (Multiverse).

Using this generative technique, fuse* creates “living” art that constantly renews itself and changes before one’s eyes, establishing an intimate relation with the spectator.

The exhibit, which has already gathered an enthusiastic answer, is opened until March 10th.



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