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Aterballetto on tour in Germany

"Rain Dogs" with choreography by Johan Inger on stage in Lörrach, Gütersloh, Ludwigshafen, Ludwigsburg, Fürstenfeldbruck. From February 13 to 26

Stories, memories, nostalgia come often back thanks to music. For the brilliant Swedish choreographer Johan Inger, the key to go back to his 'golden days' is in the music by Tom Waits, Patti Smith and Keith Jarrett, artists who have influenced and help change a whole generation.

The performance presents two existing works by Johan Inger, Rain dogs, to the sound of Tom Waits and BLISS, to the sound of the famous Köln Concert by Keith Jarrett. Inger resets the composition with the new short solo Birdland, to the sound of Patty Smith’s homonymous song.

Rain Dogs and BLISS are two distinctive works. Conceptually and choreographically far from each other, they invite the viewer to dive into two different worlds, though illustrating reoccurring themes in Johan Inger’s work: loss, change and the consequences thereof.

The solo Birdland carries the thread between these two different periods of life, in a grit and a rebellious streak against changes in life.

«As we grow older, we often reflect on our journeys and I, for once, look back on my path with a true smile, when things were bright and carefree. Those were golden days!»
Johan Inger

In Lörrach (February 13th), in Gütersloh (February 16th and 17th), in Ludwigshafen (February 20th), in Ludwigsburg (February 23rd), in Fürstenfeldbruck (February 26th).

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