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Brazil – 50 years of the best of illustration

50 illustrators amongst the most important in the world who attended the Bologna Children's Book Fair's annual 'Illustrators Exhibition'. In São Paulo, from January 26th to April 21st

Artists and Masterpieces of Illustration, 50 Illustrators’ Exhibitions 1967-2016 was organized in 2016 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Illustrators Exhibition of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

The exhibition tells the story of half a century during which a community of artists, publishers and readers met in Bologna every year to share their great passion: books and reading.
A narration of five decades, together with illustrators who made their debut or participated in the Fair -all selected by prestigious juries of different professionals from the world of children’s publishing-, and later achieved international fame.

The exhibition presents fifty artists who wrote the history of the Illustrators Exhibition and are today recognized in the history of illustration.

The works by each one is presented with their first book or the book best representing their style -books that in turn received important awards.

Fifty artists and fifty masterpieces, great classics which have influenced young generations, - because illustration is born and lives in the stories it tells.

On exhibit, also the works by 5 Brazilian artists, to depict the different styles characterizing the tendencies of contemporary illustration in Bazil.

The exhibition is curated by Paola Vassalli and Dolores Prades. From January 26th to April 21st, it is presented at the SESC Birigui in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in São Paulo, with the title A Ilustração Como Porta Para O Mundo.


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Italian Cultural Institute in São Paulo

Bologna Children's Book Fair

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