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Belgium - ZimmerFrei at ‘Italia in doc’

"Almost Nothing" by Anna de Manincor at the 4th edition of the festival dedicated to Italian documentary. In Brussels, on January 31st

The 4th edition of ‘Italia in doc’, Italian Documentary Film Festival organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in Brussels, takes place from January 28th to February 1st.

Amongst the films scheduled, Almost Nothing - CERN Experimental City by Anna de Manincor, founder together with Massimo Carozzi and Anna Rispoli of the ZimmerFrei collettive, based in Bologna.

The documentary is about the CERN citadel, “a universe that looked very normal at first sight”, where particle physicists are heading toward the wide open and unmapped field of the “unknown unknowns”.

As the director’s note reveals, Almost Nothing «observes a scientific community at work, speaking the same discreet language of experimental research».

The daily life of this community is observed as an organism where the life of each individual is interwoven with the development of science, with the harsh and cruel judgement of the community of peers, with the ever-changing political framework, in a constant struggle against the attempts of private interests, misunderstanding of media and economic constraints.

Almost Nothing is coproduced by the Italian Bo Film, the French Tita Productions and the Belgian Associate Directors, and is supported by the Emilia-Romagna Region audio-visual fund.

Anna Rispoli - screenwriter of Almost Nothing together with Anna de Manincor- will attend the screening on January 31st.



Italian Cultural Institute in Brussels



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