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Belgium – “Me and Nothing” by Teatro Gioco Vita company

The show is part of the ‘Focus Kitty Crowther’ dedicated to the author by the Festival Météorites. In Ixelles, from February 14th to 16th

Me and Nothing tells the story of young Lilà who, after having lost her mother and being left with her grief-stricken father, creates an imaginary friend, Nothing. Lilà spends her days doing nothing, but Nothing, unlike her, is always in a good mood and contrasts her profound indolence with delicate and constructive initiative.

This extremely deep and moving show is based on Moi et Rien by Kitty Crowther, Belgian illustrator and writer who received in 2010 the most prestigious recognition for children’s books -the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

The Pierre de Lune - Centre Scénique Jeunes Publics of Brussels, has organized the Festival Météorites – Focus Kitty Crowther (February 12th to 16th) at the Théâtre Marni in Ixelles, proposing an exhibit of illustrations by Crowther, a conference attended by the writer herself and four performances of the show of shadow and actors by Teatro Gioco Vita.

The themes dealt with in Me and Nothing are serious and deep, but, as the director Fabrizio Montecchi underlines, «children’s theatre can and should be committed to telling those stories and speaking those words which lead a child to a better understanding of himself and others. (...) Kitty Crowther always addresses children with great delicacy, deep affection and true loyalty and honesty. This must be reflected by us and our production».


Festival Météorites - Théâtre Marni

Pierre de Lune - Centre Scénique Jeunes Publics

Teatro Gioco Vita

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