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Belgio – “Bach Project” di Aterballetto

The dance company’s new show is on stage in Brussels on February 7th and 8th

Fondazione Nazionale della Danza–Aterballetto company presents its most recent production in the fascinating theatre in the heart of Brussels, Les Halles de Schaerbeek. Bach Project is an international co-production which involves -amongst others- Les Halles itself.

The performance proposes two choreographic creations: Domus Aurea, inspired by the music of Johann Sebastian Bach -a new work by young choreographer Diego Tortelli, who has involved the visual artist Massimo Uberti, and Sarabande, a piece from 1990 by Jiří Kylián, also inspired by Bach’s music.

Domus Aurea by Diego Tortelli is a work based on juxtapositions. Bach’s genial composition is reinterpreted by Colombo Taccani, who pays respect and homage to it, but also has the same spirit of invention. And the desire to underline the importance of music is just what inspires movements.

Sarabande by Jiří Kylián is a creation with a fascinating circular structure, inspired by Bach’s music. The ability to move between different levels of music and expression highlights the extraordinarily contemporary nature of the piece.

The show underlines a new vision in Aterballetto’s artistic path, which has set up experiments in multidisciplinary collaboration, defining shared initiatives with the world of theatre and art, and deepening the relationship with the music world.

Bach Project is an important step in exploring the relationship between dance and music, between classical composition and its contemporary re-creation.


Les Halles de Schaerbeek



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