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Australia – Motus theatre company at the Midsumma Festival

The applauded show MDLSX is on stage in Melbourne from January 31st to February 2nd

Praised by international critics, guests of the most important festival of contemporary theatre, Motus and Silvia Calderoni come back in Australia with the show MDLSX.

The Midsumma Festival presents the show as a ”revolutionary intersex performance”.

The monologue on the theme of identity with actress Premio Ubu-winner Silvia Calderoni is a ‘hymn to freedom’ which investigates on the borders between male and female, the gender changeableness and its individual and political value.

The show has been defined in many ways: wild and fervent, outrageous and unusual, aggressive and seductive, complex and honest, but the great emotional force of the performance and the actress’s bravura in let us perceiving the tenderness and the fragility, the difficulties of being one but feeling double, the desire to defy society’s categories, have always been underlined.

Combining her own androgynous physicality with texts based on personal, researched and fictional experience, projected home movies, interviews and a powerful soundtrack, DJ-ed “live”, Silvia Calderoni presents a visceral and delicately balanced depiction of the bewilderment and emotional unravelling of an individual trapped in an imposed identity, and a journey towards authenticity and self-acceptance.


Midsumma Festival

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