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Albania - “Mary, the one of the bouillon cubes” by Marinella Manicardi

Work as a cultural identity in a story about the industriousness and the leading role played by women. In Vlorë and in Tirana on March 4th and 5th

Marinella Manicardi talks about her land, the city of Bologna, and the work that has built and mixed its culture and identity ever since.

With the collaboration by Federica Iacobelli for the text, she directed and interpreted this show produced by Arena del Sole-Nuova Scena-Teatro Nazionale, which will be presented in a special reduction for the Albanian public.

The theme of the show is Work as a cultural identity that becomes a theatrical gesture, a tale of problems, inventions, defeats and rebirths in a community of women and men who have built democracy and wealth side by side, without forgetting places where one can dance and perhaps fall in love.

The text is very suitable for the Albanian context and the history of industriousness and leading role played by women in the Albanian culture.

Marinella moves from one character to another, male or female, transforming the city itself, Bologna, into a character.
Women who first worked silk, then made tea, cosmetics, medicines, or who suggest to their husbands mechanic new machines to build. Like Maria who, tired of preserving the cream for the broth, solicits and inspires the invention of the packaging machine still sold today all over the world.

An apparently light plot in the ironic tones typical of those places, to dig deep into a way of being and living.

The event is organized by the Office for Schools of the Embassy of Italy on the occasion of the Feast of the Teachers and is staged in Vlorë, at Palazzo della Cultura Laberia, on March 4th and in Tirana, at ArTurbina, on March 5th.

Moreover, Manicardi will hold the workshop for teachers of Italian language Reading and interpretation of theatrical and poetical texts both in Vlorë, at the Consulate General of Italy, and in Tirana, at the University Nostra Signora del Buon Consiglio.


Marinella Manicardi

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