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Teatrino Giullare - Usa Tour 2018

The mask in the drama of the new millennium. In Brookline (Boston), Montauk (NY), and San Francisco, until August 29th

In August, Teatrino Giullare is in the USA on a tour titled Comedians or the art of existing (resisting). Theatre practices in the United States of America.

The tour started in Brookline (Boston), where, on last 12th August, Giulia Dall'Ongaro and Enrico Deotti conducted the workshop Actors/Doubles/Masks on the role of masks -“doubles”- and other "artificial actors" -puppets-, in contemporary drama and puppet theater.

On the occasion, the drawings realized by Teatrino Giullare’s set designer Cikuska for the new production I Commedianti (The Comedians) have been displayed in the exhibit We are coming.

The second step of the tour is Montauk (NY). On 24th August, the company is at the Montauk Library for the lecture More human than humans.

The theme is the mask in the drama of the new millennium and the heritage the Commedia dell’Arte has left to contemporary theatre. A consideration on the techniques and the poetics through five centuries of theatre told by Teatrino Giullare interlacing notes on the art of acting with their more than twenty years research in artificial actors and masks related to contemporary drama.

The USA tour ends in San Francisco with the performance I Commedianti - Seven pieces of theatre, staged at the Italian Cultural Institute on August 29th.

A funny and poetic show presenting “seven experiments on mask, seven reflections of the Commedia dell’Arte heritage”, in which masking is rethought as «a root still flowering».

Teatrino Giullare’s activity is supported by the Emilia-Romagna Region Culture Dept and the Italian Ministry of Culture. The tour in the United States is realized thanks to the co-operation by the Italian Cultural Institute in San Francisco.



Teatrino Giullare

Italian Cultural Institute in San Francisco


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