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Switzerland - Le Belle Bandiere, Brecht and the masks

“The good person of Setzuan” directed by Elena Bucci is on stage in Bellinzona on December 14th and 15th

The new production by Le Belle Bandiere theatre company staged at the Teatro Sociale in Bellinzona is a masterpiece of the 1900s by Bertold Brecht, The good person of Setzuan.
It is a funny and bitter fairy-tail, full of insidious questions about the tough relationship between good and evil, kindness and malice, defeat and solidarity, a reflection by which Brecht forces us to face urgent topics and also to reflect on the role and the significance of nowadays art and drama.

The language of the play is suspended among speech, song and dance and is combined with original live compositions in order to accomplish a piece where prose and music are perfectly in balance.

«We chose to use the instruments of an ancient Italian tradition: revisited masks and postures of the Commedia dell’Arte» say directors Elena Bucci and Marco Sgrosso. «We have always practiced the fusion of different languages as we trust in the cathartic power of drama to turn contradictions into encounters.»

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    A preparatory study, thinking about The good person of Setzuan by B. Brecht in B/W and in the open air



Teatro Sociale Bellinzona

Le Belle Bandiere

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