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Spain – Stefano Benni told by Enza Negroni

“The nearly true story of Stefano Benni. The adventures of the wolf” special mention for Best Documentary at the Festival de Cine Italiano de Madrid

For the first time, Stefano Benni tells about himself, together with extraordinary travelling companions, among literature, music, and drama.

The nearly true story of Stefano Benni. The adventures of the wolf is a documentary by Enza Negroni telling about one year -the seventieth for Benni- in a travel made of meetings with friends, readers, musicians, actresses, in theatres, bookshops, schools, small squares and alleys, seaside and mountains.
The film narrates the writer Benni’s adventures, the relation with his audience, the presentations of books, the theatre and music shows.
Some flash back with archival footage and photographs tell about friendships as that with Dario Fo and Franca Rame or with Roberto Roversi, other journeys -as the one in France, tell about the great friendship with Daniel Pennac, while the journeys to Sardinia and in the Apennines reveal the ‘places of the soul’ of the "Wolf", a nickname deriving from the many nights spent going around with his dogs.

From the director's notes:
«To depict Stefano Benni in a documentary means making a journey in his literature, theatre and music. It also means making a forty years footpath through Italy and its transformations, that Benni’s pen has been able to tell with witty mastery. My interest focused on personal relationships and friendships that the writer has established in many years, meeting characters from the world of literature and more. Historical relationships in movement that intersect, forming a choral story, during a journey in the Peninsula, from Milan to Naples to Sardinia. These cities are ideal backdrop, scenography of a life always on the move, going even beyond the border, to the south of France, to meet the dear friend Daniel Pennac. Telling his multifaceted writing through his voice and that of his friends was an intriguing challenge that allowed me to approach his inner world. The choice to use the animation by Luca Ralli to integrate the cinema of the real aimed at completing the imaginary world characterizing Benni’s literature.»

The documentary, which received the support by the Emilia-Romagna Film Commission, debuted at the Rome Film Fest 2018 and on November 24th has been presented abroad for the first time, at the Festival de Cine Italiano de Madrid, where it won Special Mention for Best Documentary.

Festival de Cine Italiano de Madrid

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