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Portugal – “La gioia (Joy)” by Pippo Delbono

On July 12th, Delbono’s new show produced by ERT - Emilia Romagna Teatro is guest of the 35th Festival de Almada
«I am thinking about this new theatre production “Joy” as a simple and essential story.
I am thinking about “joy” as something connected with a possible way out of fighting, pain and darkness.
I am thinking about deserts, prisons, about people escaping from those prisons, about flowers»

Pippo Delbono


Every theatre work can become a journey, moving through different situations, moods and intuitions, catching you by surprise. It’s not a show happening each night, it’s a ritual bonding who acts to who is watching.

To stage a piece on joy is a search for that singular circumstance, it is crossing rivers of extreme sentiments -angst, happiness, pain, enthusiasm- to try and capture at last, in the instant, the explosion of joy.

Pippo Delbono and the actors of his Company try to push one step further each night in the direction of that unbound exaltation, this scorching intuition.

Delbono’s actors go up on stage and take the audience by hand, each in his own way, making of each one a travel companion, a part of this endless search. Thus, every night is a dot on the map, every fragment of this piece is a single step on the path. The journey never ends, as the kaleidoscopic wheel of image and emotion keeps on turning. Each night is a sort of present to whom decides to follow the rhythm of this company on the path of this never-ending search of joy.




35th Festival de Almada

ERT - Emilia Romagna Teatro

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