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France – Teatro Necessario at the Festival Clown hors piste

The theatre company is on stage in Theix with two shows, on November 17th and 18th

The Festival Clown hors piste, taking place in Theix from the 16th to the 18th of November, aims at bringing out the artistic discipline of the clown-theatre, releasing it from the stereotype image of the circus clown in which popular tradition has confined it. Three days of performances, animations, music and a lot of fun, but also meetings and round-table conferences.

Teatro Necessario, who has always looked for a “radical unhinging” of the boundaries between theatre and other disciplines, is on stage with two shows: Clown in libertà and Nuova Barberia Carloni.

Clown in libertà tells about the odd afternoon of three clowns who are trying to set up a show to amuse, amaze and finally win over their audience.
Music is the real mainstay of the performance, since it accompanies, underlines and lends rhythm to each action.

Music, acrobatics, juggling and funny gags are the ingredients of Nuova Barberia Carloni, whose protagonists are three elegant and clumsy barbers. The idea behind the show is to re-create the atmosphere of those times when the barber used not only to shave and cut hair but also to sing, play music, serve up drinks, give advice… in a word, entertain his guests.
In the game, the stage is the barber’s shop itself, and the stalls, with the audience, a large waiting room.



Festival Clown hors piste

Teatro Necessario


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