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Logo "Emilia-Romagna Region - European Culture"

logo Emilia-Romagna Region - European Culture

The logo symbolizes the real gift for making culture the region has got.
It includes three elements that together give a value both symbolic and institutional:

  • the dark-grey frame which circumscribes a “place”, namely the region
  • the drawing -a fragment of a project by Annibale Carracci which symbolizes the cultural production through creative tension
  • the inscription, which uses the Bodoni type, another “child” of Emilia-Romagna region.

Instructions manual for the correct use of the logo (pdf1.16 MB) (ITA)

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published on 2018/06/27 11:42:00 GMT+2 last modified 2018-06-28T11:23:27+02:00

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